Programming Methodology: A Collection of Articles by Members of IFIP WG2.3

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Dobb's Journal. Obituary Edsger W. Briljant computerkundige , door Gerlof Leistra. Dijkstra , Eindhovense Dagblad, vrijdag 9 augustus Grand old man onder de informatici , by Martijin Hover, Eindhovense dagblad, vrijdag 9 augustus Edsger Wybe Dijkstra , Volkskrant, 8 augustus Wie Wat Waar , Volkskrant, 8 augustus Dijkstra : Pionier in informatica , NRC, donderdag 8 augustus Computerdeskundige Dijkstra Dood , Omroep Brabant, p. File P With a picture of Edsger and Ria in the garden.

GIRO betaalkaart, in gulden. Drivers license. With a picture, 23 June With a picture of the young Dijkstra. The document states Dijkstra's achievements until Donorkaart voor het Nederlandsche Roode Kruis Bloedtransfusiedienst. Contains a picture of the young Dijkstra and the dates up til when he donated his blood to the Red Cross. Enclosed with an official thank you certificate of the Red Cross.

Legitimatie kaart van de Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven. A card announcing that Dijkstra has public access to the buildings of the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven. With a picture of Dijkstra. Official letter of N.

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Philips' Computer Industrie, 15 November Signed by J. The invitation is to discuss the P family. Marsman respectively. Tante's Testament , Dutch poem by Koos Speenhof. A small collection of short Dutch poems, some handwritten, some in type font. A map containing documents and booklets Beknopte Afstandswijzer reizigersverkeer, N.

Nederlandsche spoorwegen, gevestigd te Utrecht, , Herdruk List of publications, Prof. Things I would like to do they are not all unrelated , handwritten notes of Dijkstra, 18 January May, Calculation of the stereographic pole figure of the cubic lattice for any given direction , Koninklijke Nederlandsche Akademie van Wetenschappen, North-Holland Publishing Company, A map containing documents and booklets A copy of EWD Likewise, by Huub Schols.

Likewise, by Guang Zhou. Likewise, by Ed Cohen. Likewise, by Luboi Brim. Likewise, by Per D. Likewise, by Ronan Burgess. Likewise, by Heinz Brix.

Likewise, by Evert R. Likewise, by E. Likewise, by Jayadev Misra. Likewise, by Robert L. Likewise, by Elizabeth Luntzer. Likewise, by Gregory R. Likewise, by Fred B. Likewise, by G. Likewise, by Wim H. Likewise, by Mohamed G. Likewsie, by Narain Gehani. Likewise, by R. Likewise, by Charles L. Likewise, by Alain. Likewise, by Martin.

Likewise, by Jo Ebergen. Likewise, by a nephew of Dijkstra. Likewise, by Netty. Likewise, by Warren A. Hunt, Jr.

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Likewise, by Jim Horning. Likewise, by Paul M. Likewise, by John v. Likewise, by Bob Boyer. Likewise, by Richard D. Likewise, by Maarten Fokkinga. Likewise, by D. Likewise, by Mani Chandy. Likewise, by Lex Bijlsma. Likewise, by Jan L.

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Likewise, by Meruig Beynon. Likewise, by Dan Craigen.

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Likewise, by Heikki Saikkonen. Likewise, by Gerald Futschek. Likewise, by Anne Kaldewaij. Likewise, by several people from the department of mathematics and computing science, Groningen university. Likewise, by J. Likewise, by Jan Koen Annot. Likewise, by Kees Vees. Likewise, by Peter H.

Likewise, by Greg Nelson.

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Likewise, by Henk Middendorp. Likewise, by W. Likewise, by Hamilton Richards. Likewise, by Bas Braams. Likewise, by Stef Joosten. Likewise, by M. Likewise, by Koos Delcour. Likewise, by P. Likewise, by Boelhont. Likewise, by Manfred Broy. Likewise, by Remi H. Likewise, by F.

Likewise, by Lambert Meertens. Likewise, bySimon Klaver and several colleagues. Likewise, by Gerard Tel. Likewise, by Ben Waumans. Likewise, by Morak. Likewise, by Evan Splett. Likewise, by Paul Koning. Likewise, by Richard L. Likewise, by Frank K. Likewise, by Bill Immerman. Likewise, by David L. Paul de Roever and others, including A.

Likewise, by John E.