Life Without Strife: How God Can Heal and Restore Troubled Relationships

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Dear Pastor: your response to these are a true blessing. Just about everything I have read, and although some of these are older I am going through a similar situation. In regards to your comment on this particular prayer I have to say or ask can you really restore a broken relationship by friendship only?

I recently separated from a man I know God sent me. I walked out of the relationship because he does not want a true committed relationship after almost a year of being in a loving romantic relationship. I want to restore this broken relationship but I love him more than a friend…Is this possible. Dear Sir, i need advice from my relationship, we loved each other, to the extent that he took me to his parent n i also took him to my own parent, and my parent went to bring my marriage list from the village becos he said he want to marry me, then all of a sudden he behavior begin to change, without fulfilling his promise.

Where does it say in the Bible that He does not restore to true believers,? Sad but true. Please pray for me and for this miracle and blessing. It gets harder to keep my faith up in this situation, but I cannot let Satan bring down my faith! I pray that me and my ex boyfriend will be back together. God put us together for a reason. And I pray and know that God can and will get back together. I had dreams that we got married and had a family together and stayed together forever more. Me and him ex even talked about marriage and our future while we were together. I want that future.

Those dreams to become reality. I thank God for the blessings I already have.

For my relationship with my ex shall and will and already has happened in the Name of Jesus. If we give up praying for the one we love,when things have gone wrong, then we may as well give up praying altogether. I beleive we must keep on praying. I too have lost my loved one.

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We were engaged and had our own home. I lost everything. I blame myself.

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We must keep on praying. Jesus tells us to keep on praying, to persevere, not to give up hope. We must ask God for the faith to get us through this. The evil one wants you to give up, he will plant doubt and despondency in your mind. Luke 18, the parable of the persistant widow. Ephesians 6, Ask God to help you through this difficult time in your life.

My love in Jesus christ. One thing I have learned is that God will not restore every broken relationship you have no matter how hard you pray or have faith. My ex and I were together for just a little over two years when she broke up with me. At that time I became a prayer warrior and trusted that He would restore us.

It never hapened. I wish the best to all of you who are hoping that God will restore yours.

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And I will stand in faith with you. Hi my name is shameka ive been going through soo much well not anything major me and my x boyfrined keep breaking up and i turn to voodoo which my family is real spritual and belive n god but i do as wellm. Thank You for this message fm God. Please pray for reconciliation between me and my ex-partner, so that not only can I see my daughter, but so that we can raise our daughter together. I pray that all this nastiness goes away, and that the families on both sides can forgive and forget, and not use our daughter as a pawn in some game.

I need something short of a miracle, but I just want to be a daddy to my little girl, but at the same time, I want the woman I miss back in my life!

How to get unstuck and move forward.

Mark let me ask you this, is there anyting to hard for God? Is God not a rewarder to them that diligently seek him. This situation is not fatal, it will be alright if you believe. I strongly sujust that you start speaking it into existance that God restore, renew, refresh, and rebuild your relationship with this indiviual as well as with your daughter if that is the will of God. Stop looking to the left her family nor to the right your family and just look to God who is the finisher of our FAITH.

1. Assess the Situation Honestly

Know that everything will and shall be alright. You know Mark God sees the best in us when everyelse can only see the worst. Stay encourage and be of good cheer. God Bless, Sis Johnnie. Due to the fact that I lied to her several times.

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I first to thank you for this website. I just got let go out of leadership at my chruch I was basicly my Pastor right hand man. Every since this young woman came into our church things have been the same I pray about numerous times but something was not right, it seem everything I did was put down by her thenout of suddenly I seen my pastor pulling away from me. I know that she did like me becasue try her best to get me to push the Pastor on certain issue and just refuse too.

But as i reflect on the whole picture i should have handle the frustrated moments better. I take the blame for not turning out to God, i try to do own my own and angry set in. Meeting became a diaster after diaster feeling were hurt including my Pastor. So I wanted to know stay their to show Gods grace and mercy or to leave to what maybe God want me to do. Larry Biue, I beleive that there is not a problem or sny situation to hard for God to solve. Sometimes we as humans can sometimes make a move before God tells us to move. I will say wait on God to lead you in this matter.

While waiting pray even the more so. Not just for yourself but, for your Pastor and the woman involved that God will move on them as well. Stay encourage and be of good cheer for your redeemer draws near. I say wait on the Lord. God Bless. Sis Johnnie. Dan thank you for your sermons on relationships and your blog. Your sermons are very good. I lost my faith and lost the love of my life.

She will not talk to me. I pray and seek counsel…. Thank you and God Bless you Dan. I had the affair because i hadnt heard nice words in so long from a person and i allowed satan to fool me because of how unhappy i was with my husband and all i lived threw. I have had a hard time dealing with it but i think god wanted to bond with me more and not be so worried about what that other person was doing or thinking.

I ve had to learn to trust god more and put everything in his hands and every minute of the day tell my self that god gave everything for me and not to feel like i wasnt worth it that i was trated for some one that was cooler than me. I havent tried to make contact with him at all and neither has he i sometimes wonder was i that easy to forget but i try to feel my self with his love and just glorify him.

Its really been hard and ive cried so much but ive also opened my eyes to see that right now god and my 2 children need me and that i have another angel i lost 9 years ago that loves me too. Lets all encourage and pray for god not to soully restore those relationships but restore our hearts and heal and that he restores or open new doors for us accourding to his wil like jeremiah says for i know that plans i have for declares the lord not to harm you but to give you a better future.

I pray for my happiness and also that of my former partner. At times our hearts seem to come back, especially in time of crisis. He shares with me his fears and his plans.

At times his heart is closed and bound off to me. Through prayer I had recognized my hand in damaging the sanctity of our relationship through anger, jealousy, insecurity and abuse.

I pray that he could forgive me instead of just forgetting my past wrong. I had not tried when I could to restore this trust but instead moved further from truth by succumbing to others. It is only when i have time alone that i started to see within. I had not trusted and grateful for this gift of his love and care. Seeing that he is much more fulfilled away from me, I could not pray for reconciliation although this is what I want. My fiance left me…I was really good to him, I love the Lord and I faithful.

Actually my fiance was a troubled man. Although he cheated and left me I wanted peace and to just start over. I thought we were in love but noticed he just seemed to hate me.