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Hey Kibbeh! This week, Patricia brings you an easy take-out style meal, without having to leave the house! Which came first, the chicken or the drink? Patricia goes Italian in this episode- spaghetti and meat sauce, along with cream cheese bread.

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Tzatziki and Tabouleh, too! Meal prep with a twist: Patricia shows you variations on a theme for different lunch meals! The push and pull of creative and destructive impulses propel Sara as she navigates the layered stories of her past and present, attempting to redraft her future with the man she loves.

The Aces - Just Like That (Audio)

This memoiristic fiction investigates mercurial, meandering desire. Unblinklingly it stares into the complicated chambers of the human heart.

And Just Like That, Balenciaga Is Back -- The Cut

In Just Like That, Barbara Henning creates a maze of longing —the lost object of desire, the pressure of a hand in the dark, the ghosts of everyone she has ever met roaming through the snowdrifts of a dream-like city. At the heart of the book are the questions we all ask: how close can you get to another person?

What do you really know about anyone else? Can you ever wash out all the stains? Just Like That opens a door into a future which is already here, and where the elusive questions are all but unanswerable.

Something Just Like This

Henning never stops trying—and this remarkable book is the ultimate account of what happens along the way. In this intensely vulnerable, new work, Barbara Henning stirs us into a relationship under a microscope with all of its edges and particles, all of its atoms and velvet, all of its miscommunication and love. Tzatziki and Tabouleh, too!

Meal prep with a twist: Patricia shows you variations on a theme for different lunch meals! Saturday Breakfast anyone…on any day…for any meal?

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Need something quick for dinner? Patricia Martinez will help you…Just Like That! Video: Just Like That!