Journey into Mystery - 83 - Aug. 1962

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But I think the more important thing is the clear differences between comics today and comics then. There is Journey Into CheesinessIn the early 60s, Marvel was on a roll. Stan Lee and a short list of artists had already created The Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, and were making comic book history every month.

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Then it occurred to Stan that "we have never done a god"; and so, in the long-running Journey Into Mystery anthology, Thor is introduced. Now, even as a kid I remember having a problem with the idea of a great mythological figure being reduced to four-color superhero status Thor was always a cool superhero.

I mean he was a god, but he had his problems. This comic makes this clear, showing his alternate identity. But this comic also shows off all his powers and shows his love for earth. Ultimately if you want to read a good classic Marvel comic, then you should read this one This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for:.

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  • Make sure this is what you intended. A new series begins with the introduction of doctor Donald Blake vacationing in Norway. A spaceship arrives in the distance carrying an invasion force from Saturn and the all powerful Stone Men.

    Journey Into Mystery #83 - Atop the Fourth Wall

    A fisherman sees them land and he runs back to warn his village. They of course think he has lost his noodle, but Donald Blake goes to investigate. He finds the Stone Men and he himself is soon found out by the Stone Men.

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    Donald Blake manages to escape into an old cave where he finds a secret cavern to hide in. Inside he finds a wooden stick that he tries to use to move a large stone and in tapping the stick turns in to the Mighty Thor. The stick has become a mighty hammer — complete with engraved instructions on how to use it. The all powerful Thor pummels the Stone Men and all they to throw at him. The Stone Men decide earth might not be a good place to try and conquer and they make haste for Saturn. The adventure of Thorr their spelling not mine has begun and the end of the story promises many new adventures in future issues of Journey in to Mystery.

    The book also contains two short horror stories that were the staple in the previous version of Journey in to Mystery. This format would continue until issue 97 when the backup story became Tales of Asgard. Next we meet his nurse Jane Foster for the first time, and we are updated on the state of their relationship. It is strictly professional at this point, although both would like it to be something more. We then move to the heart of the story. He is not the Executioner from Asgard that we meet later in Journey in to Mystery Volunteer doctors are needed in the besieged country and Donald Blake and Jane Foster agree to go help.

    On route the volunteer ship is attacked by the Executioners army. Donald Blake slips away and changes to Thor and the rout is on until Jane is captured by the Executioner himself. The Executioner is killed by his own men and the revolution is over. Jane and Doctor Blake return safely to the United States.

    Lots of action packed into a twelve page story. The story itself plays out like many Thor-Loki stories do going forward. Loki is at perpetual odds with his brother Thor and his father Odin. In this story Loki has been imprisoned in a tree by Odin for doing something wrong at an earlier date. He escapes and travels to earth to attack Thor and retrieve the Mjolnir hammer he feels should be his. Once defeated by Thor he is sent back to Asgard for — you guessed it — more punishment.

    A true Marvel key and huge book for a Thor comic fan. Zarrko has plans for revenge and returns in a two-part Journey in to Mystery Something smells here. Doctor Donald Blake makes himself a target and he is captured and taken to the Soviet Union where finds the five missing scientists, who were also captured against their will and are being threatened in to working for the communists.

    Enter Thor who with some effort defeats communist threat and releases the scientists. They escape the Soviet Union cross land and sea back to the United States.

    Journey into Mystery | Revolvy

    There certainly was a bit of an obsession with communism at Marvel comics back then. Time and place I guess. Odin forbids Loki to ever leave Asgard again. That threat lasts about five minutes. Loki begins spying on Thor and learns of the Donald Blake identity.

    Loki hatches a plan. First he turns into a snake and slithers past Heimdall down the rainbow bridge. He confronts Donald Blake and challenges him to a battle as Thor. They meet at a zoo where out of the blue pops a hypnotized Jane Foster appears and a tiger is about to attack her.

    Thor forgets about Loki and tackles the tiger, his time expires on the hammer clock and he reverts to Donald Blake. Loki puts the enchanted hammer in a force field — he has won. Loki leaves the helpless Donald Blake to make hay with the planet. In the paper the next day there is a challenge from Thor to Loki. Loki races back to the zoo to find Thor standing by the force field hammer in hand.

    Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug 1962, Marvel)

    He turns off the force field the hammer is still there and Donald Blake comes from behind the fake Thor and grabs the hammer before Loki can turn the force field back on. Thor grabs a bag of peanuts from a vendor and throws them on the ground. They flock to the peanuts, all except one — Loki. Thor captures the still flying pigeon in a tennis net.