Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates (Ecological Studies)

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Biological Conservation Managing the introduction and spread of non-native aquatic plants in the Laurentian Great Lakes: a regional risk assessment approach. Management of Biological Invasions 6 1 : Evolution of invasive traits in nonindigenous species: increased survival and faster growth in invasive populations of rusty crayfish Orconectes rusticus. Evolutionary Applications 7 8 : Improved methods for capture, extraction, and quantitative assay of environmental DNA from Asian Bigheaded Carp Hypophthalmichthys spp. PLoS One doi: Conservation Biology doi: The room temperature preservation of filtered environmental DNA samples and assimilation into a phenol-chloroform-isoamyl alcohol DNA extraction.

Particle size distribution and optimal capture of aqueous macrobial eDNA.

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Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5 7 : Historical changes and current status of crayfish diversity and distribution in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Using structured expert judgment to assess invasive species prevention: Asian carp and the Mississippi-Great Lakes hydrologic connection.

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Environmental conditions influence eDNA persistence in aquatic systems. Grass carp in the Great Lakes region: establishment potential, expert perceptions, and re-evaluation of experimental evidence of ecological impact. Habitat, predation, and coexistence between invasive and native crayfishes: prioritizing lakes for invasion prevention.

Rapid invasive species detection by combining environmental DNA with light transmission spectroscopy.

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Journal of Leukocyte Biology Invasive crayfish Orconectes rusticus Decapoda, Cambaridae is a more effective predator of substrate nesting fish eggs than native crayfish O. October 19, AM - AM. October 19, PM - AM. October 25, PM - PM.

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September 28, PM - PM. September 29, PM - PM. October 5, PM - PM. The Maritime Aquarium gives visitors a window into Long Island Sound, officially designated an Estuary of National Significance, and a veritable rain forest of the sea, rich in aquatic life.

Ecology and Conservation of Great Plains Vertebrates

This extraordinary ecosystem has supported the economy and culture of this region since prehistoric times. Experience The Sea Plan your visit. Inspiring people of all ages The Maritime Aquarium inspires people of all ages to appreciate and protect the Long Island Sound ecosystem and the global environment through living exhibits, marine science, and environmental education.

Kristin Jacobsen. Lauren Busby. Jaime Menendez.

Herse , Michael E. Estey , Pamela J.

Moore , Brett K Sandercock , W. Alice Boyle. Cheatgrass is favored by warming but not CO2 enrichment in a semi-arid grassland. Dana M. Blumenthal , Julie A.

Freese , Samuel D. Fuhlendorf , Kyran E. Grassland songbird community relationships mediated by cattle stocking rates and plant community composition in two habitats in a northern mixed grass prairie K. Arianna Molloy.

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References Publications referenced by this paper. Bison-prairie dog-plant interactions in a North American mixed-grass prairie Jace T. Fahnestock , James K. Effects of grazing on restoration of southern mixed prairie soils.